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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams has had a lot of experience playing with broken fingers since coming to Seattle and he’ll be doing so again this season.

Adams broke the middle finger on his left hand early in training camp and is expected to play with added protection before having surgery to repair the injury. Adams had similar surgery this offseason and he said on Thursday that this summer’s break essentially put him back to where he was before that operation.

He also confirmed that it won’t be keeping him from being in the lineup.

“Everything’s good. I’m ready to go. . . . Been through it too long. I’ve been playing through it for three years,” Adams said, via Curtis Crabtree of KCPQ.

Adams has missed nine games over his first two seasons with the Seahawks, which has fueled opinion that the Seahawks erred by trading for him ahead of the 2020 season and giving up draft picks that could have been used to help restock other parts of the roster. A healthier 2022 season might not erase all those feelings, but it would be a positive development for Adams and the Seahawks all the same.